Safer Driver Course


The RMS Safer Drivers Course is for learner drivers under 25 years old who have completed 50 log book driving hours.

The Safer Drivers Course involves the following modules:

  • Module 1: Three hours of facilitated group discussion on how to manage risks on the road.
  • Module 2: Two hours of in-vehicle coaching with an instructor and another learner, to develop low-risk driving strategies.


The course provides learner drivers with:

  • Driving strategies - such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances, so they are more prepared when they drive unsupervised on their provisional licences
  • Hazard and risk awareness - identify situations that may put you at greater risk of a crash and consider strategies that will help avoid them
  • 20 hours of log book credit – note this does not include the 3 for 1 hours you accrue through a driving instructor.

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We are accredited coaches for the Safer Driver course and currently work in conjunction with PCYC to deliver the in-vehicle coaching module currently held in Belmont and Morisset.

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